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For Secure & Continuous Backup and Sync
Fusion Drive for Linux
Store file systems directly in the cloud. Use NAS protocols, such as NFS or SMB, for transparent use by applications. Simplify or eliminate local backup procedures, and improve your security and Disaster Recovery (DR) posture.
An All-Software Multi-Cloud File Storage System
Introducing a cloud-mapped Network Attached Storage (NAS) software appliance with the performance advantage of on-premises physical NAS without the deployment complexity or management cost. Files are securely stored in the cloud, while intelligent caching ensures fast access to frequently used files.
Configurable Cloud Backend and No Custom Hardware
Deploy on VMs or inexpensive COTS x86 hardware running CentOS Linux. For the backend, select from a choice of clouds such as AWS, Google, and Azure, or use all three simultaneously using CloudJuncxion's patented fragment-and-disperse technology for ultimate security, availability, and cloud-provider independence. AES-256 encryption is standard regardless of the choice of clouds.
Unlimited Capacity and Continuous Backup
Easily increase capacity when necessary using a simple web interface. Eliminate complex backup procedures as Fusion Drive stores all files in the cloud.
Flexible Deployment Options
Deploy at the enterprise edge, in the cloud (for use with other cloud-based VMs), or directly on a client node. Web integration allows access and sharing of files and folders from anywhere.
Cloud-Mapped Virtual NAS
Store file systems directly in the cloud. Use NAS protocols for transparent access by file-based applications running on Windows, Mac, or Linux machines. Host either on-prem or in the cloud.
Intelligent Local Caching
Intelligent local caching ensures fast access for commonly used files and minimizes expensive cloud-egress-bandwidth charges. Changes to files are quickly synchronized with the cloud. Storage for local caching is configurable, and the recommended value is a small fraction of the overall storage.
Direct Mapping without NAS Protocols
For Linux nodes, achieve simplicity and higher performance by avoiding use of NAS protocols or NAS servers. Install the Fusion Drive software on a client, and store files directly in the cloud by writing to a special local directory called /cloud .
Multi-Cloud Backend Technology
CloudJuncxion uses a patented scheme for data security involving encryption, fragmentation, and dispersal of files across a configurable set of heterogeneous public clouds. All data may also be stored in just one cloud, if desired.
Accessible from Any Device
Upload, download, and share files and folders from anywhere using the web. Seamlessly access web-uploaded files using regular NAS protocols.
Fast Restore
Restores after a disk crash or device loss are quick and easy. On-demand retrieval from the cloud provides fast access to urgently needed files without the delay associated with restoring an entire file system.
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