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For Secure & Continuous Backup and Sync
Multi-Cloud Architecture
CloudJuncxion uses a patented scheme involving multiple heterogeneous clouds for secure storage of sensitive data. Documents get encrypted, fragmented, and dispersed across multiple clouds for unprecedented security. Data breaches at any of the constituent clouds is inconsequential without access to fragments stored at other clouds.
Fault Tolerant and Secure
Failure of a cloud is transparent. CloudJuncxion's proprietary storage methodology ensures continued access to your data, even if one of the clouds experiences a complete outage.
Accessible from Any Device
Your data is stored in encrypted fragments in different clouds for maximal security, but your files are accessible from any device. You only require a modern browser for access to the CloudJuncxion Web App for sharing and restoring your files and folders.
Virtual Private Cloud
Enterprise customers have the option of using a Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) built using CloudJuncxion's multi-cloud technology with control residing entirely with that enterprise (and none with CloudJuncxion). The VPC can be customized as a hybrid public/private mix or as an all-private mix of clouds.
Continuous Protection
CloudJuncxion application software for Windows, Mac OS-X, and Linux end-points continually backs up your files and folders as they change. Restore and share those files from any device without requiring any special software.
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