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CloudJuncxion API

Easily integrate the CloudJuncxion multi-cloud storage technology in your apps using the CloudJuncxion Application Programming Interface (API) for superior security, control and availability. The API provides standard storage operations like Read, Write, Delete and List as well as command-line utilities for managing the storage buckets.

It's a lightweight multi-threaded Java library that masks the complexity of simultaneous RESTful transactions with multiple clouds. API library automatically filters out one non-responsive cloud provider if the fault-tolerance option is enabled.

Read/Write performance of the multi-cloud API is faster than traditional single-cloud REST API implementations. While network conditions play a critical role, upload and download performance improvements of 30% are common compared to a single-cloud solution based on AWS.

Use of the API requires setup of a VPC. If you already have an account, download and unzip the API Package for your platform for accessing the Java API library. Browse the for a description of the classes that make up the API library, and get started using code samples in the .
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