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For Secure & Continuous Backup and Sync
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Cloud Security Redefined

CloudJuncxion uses a patented multi-cloud approach for offering solutions with unparalleled security. Your files are fragmented and dispersed across multiple enterprise-grade public clouds such as AWS, Google, and Azure.
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Data Protection
Protect your devices and virtual machines by securely backing up data to multiple clouds.
Cloud NAS
Store file systems directly in the cloud, and use NAS protocols for transparent use by file-based applications.
Securely share encrypted documents and folders with anyone. No special software, configuration, or key management is necessary.
Leverage Public Clouds for Lower Costs
But attain a security posture superior than most private clouds.
Build Your Own Private Storage
Without actually owning any private infrastructure.
Easily Migrate Your Data To The Public Clouds
Without modifying existing Apps.
Full Audit Trail
Track all sharing, upload, and email activity. Use detailed logs for forensics and analysis.
Continually backup your files as they change, and protect against data loss.

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Cloud NAS
Securely store file systems in the cloud. Use NAS protocols for transparent access.

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Securely share files and folders with anyone.

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Securely synchronize files between your devices. Use Sync Groups for maximal control.

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