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A connected world
Bandwidth Virtualization®
Trusted by the US DoD for Building Next-Gen Networks
A highly differentiated SDN solution that's completely transforming network design, deployment, and management.
Easily Build and Operate Resilient Self-Healing Multi-Site Wide-Area Networks
No extensive networking expertise or CLI commands necessary. Fully configure and manage using a simple web-based UI.
Seamlessly Leverage Any and All Transport Links
Advanced algorithms allow simultaneous use of any and all link types including fiber, LEO/MEO/GEO SATCOM, LTE/5G, MANET, and point-to-point radios. Effortlessly blend both internet and non-internet link types.
Create Any Network Topology With Ease
Build a full-mesh, hub-and-spoke, or any custom network topology perfectly tailored for the end-to-end connectivity needs. Achieve seamless multicast distribution while flattening and simplifying the network.
Deploy Sophisticated Features With Just a Few Clicks
Leverage a comprehensive suite of aggregation, auto-PACE, and resiliency options for dealing with practically any mix of transport types while meeting critical delivery metrics.
Optimize Network Performance Using Fully Featured QoS
Identify traffic using DSCP, VLAN, IP five-tuple, or any combination thereof for proper prioritization. When necessary, map specific flows to certain transports using policy-based routing.
Visualize and Manage From a Central Hub While Preserving Distributed Simplicity
Easily adjust and visualize network parameters from a central hub. Simplify operations with built-in auto-synchronization between any pair of nodes.
Deploy on Any Hardware Platform
Host this pure-software solution on any off-the-shelf x86_64 server hardware, on-prem or cloud VMs, or SWAP-optimized mini-PCs and Raspberry Pi.
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